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Become a member and enjoy premium award-winning wines from the Paso Robles Wine Region.  Our wine club is a premium wine club for the wine aficionados who love Paso Robles Wine.  Our value is in the diversity and quality of the wines we send.  If you want to learn more, taste fabulous wines from one of the fastest growing wine regions in the world, then this is the club for you. 


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How we choose...


 We spend the entire year picking and choosing wines that best represent our region and the diversity of our area.

Each selection is evaluated based on our 5 point criteria:

We also take into account if a wine is light vs. big and bold and fruity vs. tannic.

Since Paso Robles has more than 50 different wine grapes planted that contribute to single varietal bottlings along with blends of as little as 2 varietals to as many as 11 varietals (which we call mega blends), the vetting process goes on all year long. We usually taste 200-300 wines for each shipment decision (and yes, people usually want our job!).

All wines are guaranteed so when you entertain guests, you know you are going to present them with a fabulous glass of wine.  The notes that accompany each shipment will state food pairings and we always send along a recipe or 2 for you to try.

Our founder...


Our founder, Coy Barnes, oenophile and educator, has appeared in numerous publications including, USA Today, Travel and Leisure, as well as conducting wine seminars for Cal Poly, Crush and Roll, annual Wine Tourism Conference and opening the first wine tour company in the Paso Robles AVA.

Why us?


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Visiting Paso Robles Wine Country?   Enjoy a wine tour with The Wine Wrangler and you will have the ability to visit the wineries included in the club and more!




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Three (3) bottles of premium Paso Robles wines sent three times per year.

Max price for this club:  $120 per shipment.


Six (6) bottles of premium Paso Robles wines sent three times per year.

Max price for this club:  $240 per shipment

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